A New Place to Call Home

Roberta Denune enjoys living at Paul Oliver Living and Rehabilitation Center.

As family members grow older, sometimes you have to pass their care into the hands of others. As difficult as that can be, Munson Medical Center has comfortable options for living facilities that can feel just like home.

Roberta Denune has been living at the Paul Oliver Living and Rehabilitation Center, or POLAR in Frankfort for almost a year. Her room is filled with pictures and personalized with her own belongings and overlooks a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. After doctors suggested she shouldn't live on her own anymore, Paul Oliver has become more than a long term living center, it's become home.

"It was hard for me to accept that I wasn't going to be able to live in my own home but the people here...its just like their own home and they're good to each other and some of the nurses treat me like I'm their grandma too," Denune said.

Conveniently located just above Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, both long and short-term residents are welcome. Families can feel confident that their loved ones will be taken care of whether they are recovering after a surgery or just need a little extra care on a daily basis. This living center is hospital-based care with physicians and emergency medical care available 24 hours a day.

Carol Merill is one of Roberta's daughters and admits it was a tough decision for her mother to move to the living center, but the care she receives is unmatched.

"This is where she was going to get the care that we couldn't provide because it was medical care," Merrill said.

There is always something to do for the elders living there with a calendar full of activities every month and special outings. There are even visits each week with children from the child development center at Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital where the children join the elders to do lots of activities like playing games or cooking.

Director of Nursing Connie Napier says all family members of those who live at Paul Oliver are invited to spend as much time there as they'd like.

"We think that's really important that families feel like their welcomed here to come in, put their feet up, enjoy, have a meal, go on outings, go to activities, play bingo, we're all just one big family here and everybody's welcome," Napier said.

The elders like Roberta can enjoy the newly renovated facility, the outdoor deck, and views of Lake Michigan, but also the friendships and connections made here,

"Our goal is to provide an environment that enhances quality of life...I want them to feel loved and to feel like this is their home and that people care about them," Napier said.

For more information on the Living and Rehabilitation Center in Frankfort, you can visit their website.