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      A radiology advancement

      At West Shore Medical Center in Manistee, some new technology in the radiology department is going well beyond the hospital walls.

      "It amazes me of the array of physicians throughout the state that have called and asked "can you do this type of test?' It amazes me that physicians state wide realize we have this scanner, even seen a whole new array of patients statewide," says x-ray technologist, Gina Hodges.

      The medical center purchased the 160-slice CT scanner back in February. It uses 50% less radiation than the previous 64-slice scanner and West Shore was the first hospital in the region to use the new machine. "With this new technology, not only can we offer outstanding beautiful images for local doctors but also allowing patients to get the lowest dose possible and quickest scan time. As a new patient entering into this huge CT room it can be very frightening, very sterile at first appearance. So, what we try to do here at West Shore is a personal touch, offering warm blankets to everyone, a little hand on the shoulder, a welcome smile," says Hodges.

      James Brand is the manager of diagnostic imagining at West Shore. He's seen the evolution of the CT scan during his medical career including its most recent benefits.

      "We had a 64 slice CT scanner prior to the 160. We had the opportunity to upgrade our technology and reduce the dose to the patient, eliminate time or reduce time for far, we've been able to prevent several patients from having heart catheterizations because the scanner has the ability to image the heart and coronary arteries," says Brand.

      Brand says the CT scan allows physicians to get results much more quickly and in turn get patients more peace of mind.

      "The CT scanner is a useful tool in trauma, ER. It's very useful in diagnosing cancers, orthopedic surgeons use it for evaluating fractures," says Brand.

      A useful tool that is taking the medical world at West Shore to a whole new level.

      "It makes me proud that we can serve our communities the way they need to be served. I'm sure it's comforting for patients to get services on time," says Brand.

      For more information about West Shore and the new CT scanner click here.