A spiritual presence

Reverend Kathy Steen is the lead chaplain with Munson's Spiritual Services.

For most people, the Christmas season can be a spiritual time of the year

Reverend Kathy Steen is the lead chaplain with Munson's Spiritual Services. She says providing that "light" means a sense of comfort to patients, their families, even staff at Munson Medical Center.

"We're here as a offering of spiritual support, a spiritual presence," says Reverend Steen

The spiritual services are offered 24-hours a day for those people who are going through health complications and simply need someone to talk or spiritual guidance for any type of religious background. Sometimes it can even just be a moment of silence or meditation.

"We're available to be that spiritual presence to listen, to just walk with someone for a brief time. Other times it may be months that a patient may be here. So much is out of people's control, so when we can be there for someone that can just listen to their story," says Reverend Steen.

Just like physical well-being, emotional support is just as critical during a time of distress. That's why Kathryn Christian, a Munson chaplain provides music therapy as means of relaxation and comfort.

"Music touches the soul sometimes in a way words alone cannot do," says Christian.

Christian says being able to work one on one with patients is a humbling experience.

"It is sacred ground being with people," says Christian.

"We're here for anyone, if we can't meet their needs we're happy to try and call someone who can come in. We will try to contact someone from their faith," says Reverend Steen.

Plus, the effects are evident.

"Especially with family with family that's important to have, making end of life decisions and ups and downs experiencing in life. Just that steady presence," says Reverend Steen.

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