A spooky kick-off to the National Writers Series

Benjamin Percy talks about his new book "Red Moon" and the kick off event for the National Writers Series.

The National Writers's Series first event is Thursday, September 5 and to start of the season is Benjamin Percy with his new book, "Red Moon."

The book is a suspenseful page-turner that may keep you up at night! It incorporates modern Amerca and the war on terror with other genres as the plot follows three interlocking strands and moves at a breakneck speed, ultimately exploring the insidious evil in all of us and our society. Doug Stanton explains what else there is to offer this season and Benjamin Percy himself joins the conversaion via telephone call. See the full interview for all he has to say about his book.

An Evening with Benjamin Percy

with Guest Host Jeremiah Chamberlin

Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 7 pm

City Opera House, Traverse City

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