Administrator trip exceeds budget expectations

Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) officials recently went on an 11-day taxpayer-funded trip to China - which ended up costing more than estimated.

NMC officials hoped the trip would cost close to ten thousand dollars, but it ended up costing $14,600.

Administrators said extra costs came from transportation and adding a second interpreter, and were approved because they had budgeted up to fifteen thousand. And even though it sounds like a large amount of money, officials said the revenue expected from one international student exeeds the cost of the trip for the entire group.

They went on the trip saying it provided experiences that will help students and the community grow, and build on relationships with other educational institutions across the world.

"Traverse City is rich with opportunities for growth, either formal or informal," said Chris Weber, the NMC VP of Enrollment and Student Services. "This for us, I think, is both an informal and formal way to gain more understanding- to gain more understanding about culture, to gain more understanding about people, and it just helps us be better citizens in the long run."

Visitors from China are expected to visit NMC this June.