Almira Township Fire Department adds pet oxygen masks to equipment on board trucks

One local fire department just received some new equipment that will help save your furry friends in the case of a fire.

The Almira Township Fire Department had two hundred dollars worth of pet oxygen masks donated to them by the California company ''Emma Zen''. They are one of the few fire departments on this side of the country to get a kit donated by the company.

The masks come in three sizes and can be used on different animals from dogs and cats to horses.

Firefighters say with all of the animals in this area, they're excited to have this needed equipment. They will be carried on the ambulance.

â??It's just very important to me having an animal myself, and I know how important animals are to the people in this community,â?? said Nicholas Grzesik, a firefighter and EMT for Almira Township, who researched the masks and applied for the donation. â??I'd like to be able to provide something else for the community besides just people so, it's pretty cool to be able to have these on our truck.â??

Frankfort Fire Department also has the pet oxygen masks, but is still a bit of a distance away. Almira firefighters said theyâ??re glad to be able to help other neighboring areas if needed.

Masks can be sterilized and used again and they connect to the standard oxygen tank. Other cities have used the masks and they have proven to be successful.

Within the next couple of days, all of the Almira Township firefighters will complete training on how to use the pet oxygen masks and the proper uses for them.