Alumni raise funds for future students

TCAPS Alumni Network is hoping to raise funds for future generations of students

Alumni of Traverse City Area Public Schools are coming together in a big way.

The TCAPS Alumni Network was formed last summer to connect all the people who have graduated from Traverse City High Schools over the years.

The network hopes to create a database of 10,000 alumni by June 2013. Members of the network are given opportunities to volunteer in the schools, become mentors to students and contribute to the education system in any way they can.

Organizers say they hope to reach out to alumni and also establish a legacy endowment fund for students in the future.

"Its been a great opportunity for those who have graduated to feel this is where I came from, these are my roots, this is a place I want to use as a destination point someday when I get to a place in my life where I can move back," said TCAPS Alumni Network Facilitator Wendy Nienhouse.

The network has meetings on the third Monday of every month. You can register to be a part of the alumni database online or join the Facebook group to find out about all the upcoming events.