An app a day keeps the bad grades away

Teachers at Boyne City schools are using technology through Apple to build course apps for their students to use on their iPads.

T eachers at Boyne City schools are taking iPad learning to the next level by creating their own course apps.

Rebecca Wildman's fourth grade english class is learning through a special poetry course on their iPad. Wildman developed this app and eight others since the beginning of the year.

E ach course has power points , books , and videos where the teachers explain the course work.

" You're right the re teaching with the students , if you they can't get something they can rewind the video until they understand it," Wildman explained.

B oyne City teachers have created over 50 courses this school year for a variety of classes ranging from biology to woodworking.

S ome of the courses are being downloaded by other teachers around the country . W ildman's most popular course has been downloaded more than 8 ,000 times .

B oyne City school district put an iPad into every students hands this fall thanks to bond money. This technology shift is saving big bucks for the district.

E lementary school Principal Fred Sitkins says this year alone his school has saved $12,000.

" Most of the work is now being done electronically so we don't have to print off resources and we are already recognizing some of those savings," Sitkins said.

W ildman says the student engagement has gone up since introducing her course apps. She says students are getting better grades and are more frequently turning in homework.