And the Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award goes to...

Gladys Muñoz was awarded the 2013 Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award.

Before Monday's Traverse City commission meeting, commissioners and community members recognized a woman who has made a positive impact in our community with a very special award.

Gladys Muñoz was awarded this year's Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award. Muñoz has worked as the Director of Language and Cultural diversity at Northwest Michigan Health Services and provides translation services for other human services agencies throughout the area. Muñoz says she shares this year's award with the entire community.

"This is a recognition not only for myself, but it's for the whole Hispanic community," said Muñoz. "It's for the women in town, for my family, for everyone."

any past Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award winners were also in attendance Monday night. The award is given out by the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, in remembrance of a long-time resident, Sara Hardy, whose actions gave birth to the concept of a human rights organizations in northern Michigan.

Past Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award winners include Gertrude Morgan Springer, Jim Rowlett, Brian Simerson, Eugene Fox, Susan Odgers, Joe Lada and Helen Cook.