Are Michigan schools prepared for severe weather?

Are Michigan schools prepared for severe weather?

Moore, Oklahoma is in shambles after this week's deadly tornado.

In the center of the destruction, schools are reduced to ruble.

Mondayâ??s tragedy puts a spotlight on how important it is for schools to prepare for weather emergencies.

â??In spring we start making provisions to revise our tornado shelter locations and make sure our teachers are aware of thatâ?¦know where the kids need to be in the event of a tornado and we practice that a couple times a year,â?? said Elk Rapids High School Principal, Michael J. Travis.

In tonight's Fact Finder, 7&4 News found what plans Michigan schools have in place if severe weather hits.

Quick facts: (from State website)

On average,16 tornadoes occur each year in Michigan.

Between 1950 and 1998, 867 tornadoes occurred in Michigan causing 239 deaths.

Most tornadoes occur in April, May, June and July between 3 PM-7 PM.