Art in war

Photographer Benjamin Busch's exhibit Art in War is at the Dennos Museum.

You can see what war in Iraq was like from the perspective of a man who fought there.

The Dennos Museum has a new exhibit called Art in War.

Benjamin Busch was a commanding officer in the Marine Corps Light Armored Reconnaissance Company during the liberation of Iraq between 2003 and 2005. D
uring that time he took hundreds of pictures.

The pictures tell Busch's story and give a unique insight into the occupation of Iraq.

"He really started to look at the composition of the landscape in Iraq. These photos not only tell his story but they really are artistic in so many ways," explained Eugene Jenneman at the Dennos Museum Center.

"I tried to record Iraq as its past was dissolving and its future uncertain," said Busch. "Photographs allow me to hold on to what I notice as I pass through time and place. This collection is a condensed rearrangement of my selected memory from 398 days in Iraq. It grants me the right to assign longevity to impermanent observations. The images you see are moments that cannot occur again."

Busch's images from Iraq have been featured in Five Points, War, Literature & the Arts and Photography Quarterly. The Art and War exhibit will run through June 10.

The Dennos Museum will host two programs with Benjamin Busch as part of the exhibit.

Tues., April 24 at 7pm: Busch will discuss his experiences as a marine in Iraq in 2003 and 2005 and the Art in War photographic series that addresses politics, war, America and Iraq.

Wed., April 25 at 7pm: Busch will discuss his work as a filmmaker, actor, writer and his new book, Dust to Dust: A memoir which explores life and death, peace and war. A book signing will follow this event.