As flu cases rise, vaccines may be hard to catch

Health department officials say there is a limited supply of flu shots because of high numbers of flu cases so far this season.

The number of flu cases are already seeing peak numbers.

The Chippewa County Health Department says the amount of flu cases usually peaks in February, but those numbers are already doubled in early January.

This rise in cases is causing distribution problems for the flu vaccine. While local health departments say they have plenty, business pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Meijer are reportedly running out of the shots, the health department says.

The health department says there is a limited supply simply because they are not used to having this many cases this early in the season.

The flu that is being passed around is a chest flu, and health department officials remind that vomiting is not a symptom of this flu.

Children and the elderly, who are more prone to the flu, are urged to get one "sooner rather than later" as there is a limited supply.

7&4's Nathan Edwards is speaking with Health Department officials and will have more details tonight on 7&4 at 5 and 6.