As snow falls, parents' tension rises

The kids might be excited to hear that school has been canceled, but how are the parents dealing with it?

Waking up and hearing the words, "snow day," can be music to children's ears. To them, it means a day of endless possibilities.

To some parents, it can mean a day of worry, planning, and cancelations.

It raises the age-old question, "Who are we going to get to watch Jimmy?"

Kate Kohler and her husband Abe are parents to three children, all under the age of three.

"We both have flexibility in our jobs so sometimes he'll take the kids, and sometimes I'll have the kids," said Kohler. "But for these families that don't have a flexible job, I can't imagine what to do or you have to take your vacation days or your sick days to you know, to stay at home and take care of the kids."

For those other parents, it's can be a constant uphill battle.

Alphabet Soup Preschool and Child Care Center in Traverse City is one organization that can help lighten the load for these parents.

Generally, the child care center accepts children ages 2-5. When a snow day hits, they also take children ages 6-12.

"On snow days, parents can call and access our voice mail, leave me their name and phone number, and I get back with them and let them know if they can come," said director, Kathy Colbert

In 23 years, Alphabet Soup has only shut it's doors a total of four times due to bad weather.

The Grand Traverse YMCA also offers child care on snow days for kids ages 5-15. There is a small fee, but you do not need to be a member.