Asthma in children: Signs & diagnosis

Dr. Karla Smith from the Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic said physicians and parents are encouraging children to be physically active, but some children and adolescents may have problems "keeping up" when they exercise.

When should you worry if your child can't keep up?

"Though children have different skills and ability levels, children who are generally active should be able to keep up with most of their peers," said Smith. "Parents should be concerned if their child tires too easily, coughs while running or during vigorous physical activity, or, for older children, complains of trouble breathing with activity."

Smith said If your child has these symptoms, that does not necessarily mean they have Asthma.

"Asthma is only one of several possible causes for these symptoms," said Smith. "If your child has these symptoms, don't assume that they are just out of shape. Call your child's doctor so that they can be evaluated."

Smith also said even patients with Asthma should be able to keep up with their peers, if their asthma is adequately controlled.

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