Atlanta schools lockdown after suspicious activity

Monday around 12:40 pm, the Montmorency Sheriff's department received a call from Atlanta Community Schools reporting that they received a call from a concerned citizen about a suspicious person in town.

Sgt. Chad Brown tells 7&4 News that the individual was at a restaurant asking questions about the school regarding location, population, and other details. An employee from the restaurant immediately called the school and they went into a full lockdown. As soon as the Sheriff's department received the news, they advised both Lewiston and Hillman schools in Montmorency County to also go into lockdown mode. Sgt. Brown says deputies then searched Atlanta schools' campus and entered the building to check for suspicious activity. They did not find any threats to the students.

Tuesday morning they learned the identity of the suspicious individual and went to their home. The suspect willingly cooperated and went through a full interview and search. The Sheriff's department says that after a thorough investigation, the suspect was not a threat to the schools.

"At some point we have to understand there's only so much we can control and I think our schools are doing an excellent job of doing what they can and ensuring the safety of our students," Brown said.

Atlanta Community Schools Superintendent Donald Haskin Jr. tells 7&4 news that schools will be on lockdown for the remainder of the week.

"We always have to take the higher risk approach like to say better safe than sorry, better to be extra cautious, especially due to the times we are in right now," Haskin said.