Auto suppliers from around the world in Traverse City

â??We bring in about one-thousand automotive executives throughout the world,â?? Brett Smith, Program Director of the CAS, said.

Automotive suppliers from around the world are in Traverse City this week to learn more about where Michigan's major industry is headed.

The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is hosting the 49th Annual Car Management Briefing Seminars. Itâ??s considered a must-attend event in the automotive world.

Seminars focus on issues important to the automotive industry today, such as sales forecasting and purchasing.

According to the Center for Automotive Research (CAS) website, some of the seminars include: "Advanced Powertrain Forum", "Onwards and Upwards? The Sales Forecast Workshop", "Designing for Technology and the Customer", and "Automotive Strategy: Pathways to Prosperity".

The CAS is happy with the economic boost this event brings to Traverse City.

â??We bring in about one-thousand automotive executives throughout the world to talk about important trends that are happening in the automotive industry,â?? CAS Program Director Brett Smith said. â??Weâ??re told by our guests and our customers this is one of the premier events in the world for the automotive industry right here in Traverse City.â??

The seminars will run through the afternoon on Thursday. There is still open registration available.

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