Back taxes are paid on the Sugar Loaf Resort

The Sugar Loaf Ski Resort in Leelanau County has been closed for over a decade - but thanks to a bank in Troy, Michigan, the resort may be on track to open.

The county received a check for $137,000 in back taxes on the property - making Sugar Loaf current on its taxes for the first time since 2005.

The county has recently contacted the current owner on record, Kate Wickstrom, regarding a violation of building codes. A letter was sent to her in early March after an inspection of the property was completed. Although Wickstrom has claimed for some time she is no longer the owner, papers have never been filed for a change - so all correspondance has gone and will continue to go to her until there is an official change in ownership.

But, per discussion Thursday morning, the Leelanau County Administrator said that Wickstrom and a potential buyer say that within ten days there will be a change in ownership and a response to the violation letter.

"It's been closed for 14 years. And I grew up in Leelanau County, and I spent a lot of time at Sugar Loaf, and so I think I speak for everyone that we hope that something happens - but we hope it happens in the right way," said Chet Janik, the Leelanau County Administrator. "There's been a lot of false starts in the last 14 years - there's been 3 or 4 individuals that have stepped forward claiming they were going to re-open it, but that has not happened. So I guess everyone's kind of holding their breath hoping for the best, but everyone wants to see some proof."

We will follow this developing story as more details become available.