Bald Eagle takes flight once again

A sick bald eagle was rehabilitated and Friday, she went back into the wild.

The Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians held a special ceremony to celebrate its life.

We were there as the eagle flew away.

"We look at them as relatives, helpers, and teachers, same as we look at all creation, in the same manner," says Odawa Tribal member Msko Maiingan.

The bald eagle is a spiritual part of life to Native Americans. Friday, more than 200 tribal and community members met at the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians' Pow Wow grounds.

The ceremony started with a celebration of prayer and offering to the Creator and to the eagle. Last Thursday, the adult female was spotted struggling near Pellston. Mark Givens found it help.

"There are quite a few eagles around here, but you hate to lose any bird like that," says Givens.

"It only got as high as 6 feet off the ground, and it never got higher than that, so we knew there was probably still something wrong with this bird," says Maxwell Field from the LTBB-Odawa Conservation Office.

The Tribal Department of Natural Resources captured it. The bird went to Jensenâ??s Animal Hospital where she was treated for food poisoning and nursed back to health at Wings of Wonder.

"I was happy she could fly back to her people, I just can't describe it in words what I was feeling out there," says Maiingan.

The bald eagle is the spiritual messenger between the people and the creator. Now healthy, she took off, and incredibly, we caught her head north with another eagle that seemed to be waiting for this moment.

"Bring everyone together for a good purpose, and live life in a good way," says Field.

After that injured eagle was released, it's a sacred tradition to offer tobacco to it, to bless it, as it goes back home.

You can get more information on the Wings of Wonder on the organizations facebook page. If you are attended the release, please post your pictures on UpNorthLive's facebook page and share them!