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      Beaver Island teacher to represent teaching profession in Washington D.C.

      A Charlevoix County teacher has been selected to testify before congress.

      Miranda Rooy from Beaver Island Schools is one of 19 teachers chosen to go to Washington D.C. next week to represent the teaching profession.

      "If we want our future teachers to be quality we need to support them and ensure what they are doing is valued," Rooy explained.

      She will talk to members of congress about the impact that the National certification process has had on her career.

      Rooy received her National Board Teacher Certification two years ago and is only one of 365 around Michigan that has it.

      Congress is debating on whether or not to make all teachers get certified like some other professions do.

      "Just like doctors, teachers have the responsibility to stay on top of the latest research and best practices to make sure we are doing the most that we can for our students," Rooy said.

      A number of teacher organizations oppose mandated certification , but Rooy believes it will could help add value to the profession.

      H owever , she says the only way it will work is if schools conti n ue to offer financial incentives for teachers who go through the process.

      " It's hard for a teacher to say this is something I really want to do and I'm going to put all this time and energy into it if I'm not going to get anything back, or it looks as though what you're doing isn't as valued," Rooy explained.

      Getting Nationally Certified doesn't come with a cheap price tag. Teachers must pay $2,500 to go through the program.