Bedtime: How to end the crying game

In last week's House Call, we discussed the importance of good sleep for children from infancy through adolescence. But parents, you may be left thinking... your child doesn't sleep that much or that well, so how can you get them to sleep more?

"While a parent can't 'make' their child sleep more, there are some things you can do to encourage better bedtime and sleep habits and hopefully, over time, improve their quality of sleep," said Dr. Karla Smith with the Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic.

Dr. Smith said infants and children can benefit most from a regular and consistent time for bed. But also, by establishing a bedtime routine which includes non-stimulating activity leading them up to bed time.

"At some time during infancy or childhood, children need to learn to put themselves to sleep," said Dr. Smith. "Not by body contact with a parent."

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