Bell Tower and Cherryland Humane Society among issues approved at county meeting

Multiple issues were discussed and voted on at tonight's Grand Traverse County meeting.

With a unanimous vote the board of commissioners approved a contract between the county and Cherryland Humane Society. The contract allows the humane society to impound animals that used to be housed at the animal shelter. Now the shelter will be shut down and animals will become the responsibility of the humane society.

Also in tonight's agenda was the public hearing on the historic courthouse bell tower. The motion to establish a trust fund for the historical restoration of the chimes passed with all in favor. Budget restraints and safety issues forced officials to disable the cables and weights used to produce the clock chimes back in 2008. Restoring the clock will be expensive due to it's age, since the parts will need to be handmade.

Multiple people spoke on behalf of restoring the chimes, and discussion was even started about public donations and matched public funding. Carol Hale, who lives about a block from the courthouse, stated, "Not everybody had a watch! Kids got up at seven because they heard seven rings, and they knew school started at eight. The merchants downtown at 5 o-clock - you could hear the keys in the locks closing up for the night - it was time to go home for dinner. It's really a community time piece." There are issues with the clock itself, such as replacing the hands and timing mechanisms, and the board decided to address those at a later date.