Big changes for parks in Grand Traverse County

Big changes may be coming for the public parks and recreational areas in Grand Traverse County.

Wednesday night the Parks and Rec. Department introduced a five-year master plan that includes five goals and several objectives to the county commission.

The plan includes improving multiple public parks and facilities, improving the civic center grounds, upgrading beaches, implementing more recreational programs, and possibly developing a new community recreation center-including a new swimming pool and indoor rock climbing.

The department encourages public comments to be submitted and has already adjusted the plan to accommodate some suggestions.

Jason Jones, the Director of the Grand Traverse County Parks & Rec. Dept., said, "It's an exciting time in our department! To be wrapping up our five-year master plan and this is a great opportunity for folks to come out and give us some input of what they'd like to see for their rec needs."

Jones says the plan will guide the county when it comes to meeting the recreational needs of it's residents. He says while it's their goal to protect the natural resources, he also stresses the importance of having places where people can come out and play.

If you would like to submit a public comment, you can do so via phone, e-mail, or in person at the civic center by noon on February 21st, which is when the public hearing will take place (see contact info below).

Once it's understood what the public is looking for, Parks & Rec. will put together a plan of how things can be funded through the budget and grants.

Website of the master plan :

Jason Jones :, (231)-922-4511 , Office at the Civic Center