Big game brings big boost to business

That'sa Pizza in Traverse City prepares a pizza for game day!

It's not just the touchdowns and the half time show that make the Super Bowl such a big deal. Half the fun is hosting your own party, and on Sunday folks were stocking up all day long to make sure their game day was a success.

There were a lot of last minute shoppers running around for their super bowl must haves before kick off. Many game day shoppers flooded into Maxbauers After Hours Party Store on West Front Street.It was a mad rush for drinks, chips, dip and other snacks.

"Kind of a frenzy before the big kick off of people just coming in, getting their favorite snacks and having a little extra snacks at home to get through the big game," said owner Mike Deering.

It's not a Super Bowl party without a little pizza pie.

That'sa Pizza in Traverse City saw a big boost in business on Sunday.Employees started getting ingredients ready around 10 this morning, and they expect to make more than 200 pizzas by the end of the night!

B.C. Pizza off Lafranier Road in Traverse City also reported a boost in business. They'll make hundreds of pizza by the end of the night, keeping their delivery drivers quite busy.

Eat, drink and be merry, and may the best team win!