Big move for Stehouwer Free Clinic

Stehouwer Free Clinic moving.

The Stehouwer Free Clinic in Cadillac is making a big move to it's new location in order to better serve it's staff, volunteers, and patients.

With it's continuously rising amount of patients, officials say the move is necessary for the staff and volunteers to work, and for more equipment storage.

Stehouwer Free Clinic Executive Director, Cindy Evans, says that in 2012 the clinic had 2,000 visits, rising to 6,000 visits in 2012.

The new location will have six exam rooms and one dentist chair.

Renovation and moving costs are estimated to be nearly $20,000. The clinic does not have the funds for the renovations and is asking for help with this project that they say could benefit the entire community.

The move will benefit our clients more than anyone, but it will also benefit the community," said Evans. "We help serve the uninsured and the under insured. There not going to the emergency room because when they go there, they can't afford to pay. So if they don't pay, then you and I do and a bill goes up. So in that sense it helps the community but more than anything it helps the client."

Evans also told 7&4 News that if people can't donate money, they are also accepting volunteers to help with the renovations, and donated materials.

The clinic's new location will be at 201 N. Mitchell St., in the basement at the old city hall building.

Officials hope to have their move completed by April 1st.

The clinic provides limited diagnostic and treatment services to economically disadvantaged individuals without health insurance in the greater Cadillac area.