Blizzard keeping road commission busy

Drivers encountered blizzard conditions around Northern Michigan on Monday including much of the afternoon on M-72 West in Traverse City.

Grand Traverse County Road Commission plow drivers have been busy around the clock.

Maintance Manager, Jim Valade says, "We started out at five this morning. We had a full call out. We are doing everything we can today to prep the roads for Monday night."

The road commission has 28 drivers out during the day, and then a night crew of six will take over.

Plow drivers are using a pre wet solution made of liquid calcium chloride to keep the salt and sand mixture from blowing off the roads.

Valade says, "Stay off the roads. Nothing can be that important to be out. If you can't see anything stay off and let us do our job."

The road commission does not have enough manpower to hit neighborhoods Monday night, they'll focus on state highways and primary roads.