Businesses score big with local soccer tournament

The tournament draws people in from all over the state, as well as the Midwest.

The 2013 Cherry Capital Cup is coming to town this weekend and businesses all over Traverse City are looking forward to the large crowds it draws to the area.

Adam Gustafson, President of the Board of Directors for Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer says that with the 200 teams they have registered for the tournament, they are expecting anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 people to come to the area.

The tournament draws people in from all over the state. Gustafson says there are 196 teams from Michigan and four from Canada.

The large group of athletes, families, referees, and volunteers require a place to sleep, and eat. The Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau helps out by blocking out hotel rooms, but Gustafoson says that hotels start filling up as early as January and that the athletes are having to stay as far as Cadillac.

Traverse City's Holiday Inn tells 7&4 News that they are at 113-percent capacity for the entire weekend.

The tournament takes place May 18-19.