Cadillac hoping to expand the manufacturing industry

Cadillac is working to create a lot of new jobs - especially in the manufacturing industry.

Last year the city teamed up with the University of Michigan - and thanks to a Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant - completed a study that showed a business incubator is needed.

The business incubator facility would help current manufacturing companies work together and help new companies get their start.

City officials say the facility would really help Cadillac and the surrounding counties.

"Having this type of resource here in Cadillac could actually create new product lines, could create new companies from existing companies," said Marcus Peccia, the Cadillac City Manager. "It may actually be a magnet or a way of attracting new business that isn't here already that's looking for a place to locate as well."

The next step will be to have a public meeting to discuss the many potential business opportunites. Cadillac hopes to hold this meeting in April.

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