Cadillac schools in 'secure mode' after parent concern reported

Cadillac High School and Junior High were operating in a "secure mode" Wednesday morning.

Cadillac High School and Junior High were operating in a "secure mode" Wednesday morning.

The secure mode has now been lifted.

Law enforcement on the scene said the secure mode came after an investigation into a threat made with a weapon to a Cadillac student.

"The information led us to be concerned for student safety so everything was done as a precautionary manner and to make sure no events were about to happen," said D/Lt. Todd Golnick, Cadillac Police Department.

On Tuesday evening, Cadillac Police received a report from a high school student who said he was threatened by several teenaged men, one of whom had a weapon. The threat occurred after school hours and off of school property.

The suspects could not be found Tuesday evening.

A Cadillac Junior High School student familiar with the situation Tuesday told police Wednesday morning that she said one or two of the suspects on the school grounds.

Police and school officials were able to clear the school and determine that no one was inside that shouldn't be.

Police then say they made contact with the people who were accused of the threats Tuesday night and determine they had not been at the school on Wednesday.

The junior high student eventually confessed she made up the reports of the threat Wednesday. She is being referred to the probate court.

The complaint of the threat Tuesday evening is still under investigation.

Cadillac Area Public Schools Superintendent Jo Spry released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"The events of today that placed CJH and CHS in secure mode were the result of a parent concern that was relayed by a student. The concern was thoroughly investigated and resulted in a determination that false information was provided to school leaders and the investigating officers. CJH and CHS remained in Secure Mode through the investigation in accordance with security procedures that are followed by the district. As the details of the morning unfolded, it was necessary to follow strict communication protocols as the situation was assessed. Swift action and student and staff safety are the priority when a Secure Mode is called."