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      Camp Grayling celebrates a century of service

      Past and present military members were recognized Saturday as Camp Grayling celebrated it's 100th year as an Army National Guard training installation.The day started with the memorial review where Governor Snyder as well as other governmental leaders spoke and distributed awards, such as soldier of the year.

      "It was awesome, a 100 year celebration, looking back, thinking about the different folks who have come through different conflicts," said Lt. Antonio Randolph. "To get their training here then go off to war, and being able to relate to that , through my own experiences training here myself, I think it's phenomenal, it's a lot to grasp and to put into perspective."

      The camp is currently the largest Army National Guard installation in the country and wanted to use Saturday's celebration to show the public it's latest improvements. Festivities including military equipment displays, food and live music, lasted all day and went well into the night, bringing together military members and the surrounding community.

      More than 4,000 Michigan service members were present at the celebration.