Cancer clothes make mark at Munson

A Traverse City couple who saw first hand the impact of cancer on the family of a friend is now working to help fight the deadly disease.

Matt Hodges and his girlfriend, Marrisa are the people behind the project, Emergency Family Funding.

The couple decided to open a kiosk inside of Grand Traverse Mall where they sell apparel designed by them.

Ten percent of the profits they make go to cancer patients in need.

Matt and Marrisa also decided to team up with Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation to try and expand the Women's Cancer Fund, to assisting all types of cancer patients.

"We didn't want to specifically target a gender or an age, we wanted to help as many people without restriction as possible," said Emergency Family Funding Co-Founder, Matt Hodges.

The funds help families affected by cancer with everyday expenses.

Organizers tell 7 & 4 that Munson hospital sees an average of 13 hundred cancer patients per year.

Matt and Marrisa have plans to coordinate a two day concert series in the spring. 100 percent of ticket sales to the event will go towards assisting Munson cancer patients.