Candidates battle for House seat in 102nd District

Democrat Brendan Maturen skated through the summer primary, but he will have to take on a Republican incumbent, Phil Potvin in November.

Potvin tells 7&4 News that voters support his efforts to bring jobs back to northern Michigan.

Our unemployment when we got into office in 2011 was over 14%. We were the highest in the United States. Today, we are at 9%, in the middle of the pack, and we are improving every day, said Representative Potvin.

Potvin is currently the chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Subcommittee in Lansing.

In his first term, he said he fought to put State dollars in the hands of farmers.

Also a member of the Education Committee, he broke party lines and voted against a bill that lifted the cap on charter schools.

I TMm a no-vote on the charter schools, I TMm one of five republicans to stand up and say no|because we are not talking about the quantity of schools we are talking about the quality of schools and in northern Michigan it's hard enough with the few dollars we have for our children Potvin said.

Challenger Brendan Maturen is also against expanding charter schools, but he criticizes Potvin and Governor Snyder for not doing enough to provide adequate funding for public education.

Our schools need more resources. Our kids need to be prepared for a global economy...for the 21st century. We need to have a strong foundation of education in our communities to bring businesses in to our area Maturen said.

Because of a decrease in State funding, Cadillac Area Public Schools entered this school year with a $1.4 million dollar deficit. The district outsourced several services and cut 39 jobs.

My opponent, Mr. Potvin, goes around telling people his boss is Governor Snyder. I don't think he understands what a representative is supposed to be. If I TMm elected, the people of the 102nd district will be my boss, said Maturen.

On November 6, voters will decide who the right person to represent the 102nd district is.

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