Casey White: Dealing with sickness

Well, Iâ??m now going into week 3, and what a second week I had! It was tough; I was so sick! I ate almost nothing, and pretty much only drank juice and water, with a nice little protein bar in the mix once in a while, mixed with cough drops and hot tea. Itâ??s definitely not the healthiest diet, but we all know when weâ??re sick, food is the last thing we want.

The other problem I had was that I was only able get to the gym once, and only work out at home very little. But, Iâ??m not going to fret over it. We are human, and we canâ??t be expected to be â??on the ballâ?? so to speak, 100% of the time. Now is the time to look forward, and keep on going with everything Iâ??m doing! So, Iâ??m going to put last week behind me, and continue to do everything I am supposed to. I know that I am being true to myself, Iâ??m not cheating, and Iâ??m learning a healthier lifestyle, for me and my family!

I got to do my live on air interview this week, too! I was so nervous, being as sick as I was, and being on television, LIVE, in front of so many people. But when I arrived at the studio, the nervousness went away. Unfortunately the sickness didnâ??t, but I survived. Everyone at the station that I met was wonderful, and helped put me at ease. I think I could probably do it again if I had to! Lol

Once again, the support Iâ??m receiving from friends and family is positively overwhelming, and thatâ??s keeping me going! The one thought I want to leave everyone with for the week: donâ??t get discouraged if things donâ??t go your way overnight. The best things in our lives donâ??t happen that way, and this is the way we can appreciate the things we have even more. So the harder that we work, the more satisfying the reward! Have a great week everyone!

Best Wishes,