Charges come day after missing childâ??s body found

A day after 4-year old Carnel Chamberlain was found dead under the porch of his home, his mother's boyfriend is charged with beating the child a few weeks earlier.

Anthony Bennett, who's been a person of interest in the case from the beginning, appeared in Bay City Federal Court Friday to face assault charges. He has not been charged in little 4-year old Carnel Chamberlain's death.

The child's remains were found under the porch of his home on Tomah Road with severe burns, a disturbing outcome to a week long search.

Esther Chatfield, Carnel's Great-Aunt says, "When I found out they found him under there burnt, I just lost it."

Family believes Anthony Bennett is the person responsible for Carnel's death, but so far he hasn't been charged with murder. He is in jail for allegedly beating the child a few weeks ago.

According to a criminal complaint, Carnel's mother told investigators that in late May, early June she saw her son with a bruised and swollen face, and a cut lip. She told authorities that her son said he was struck by Bennett. The document also said she saw Bennett picked up her son by the neck before dragging him into a room by his foot.

Chatfield says, "I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm so angry."

While the FBI continues to piece together this case, construction workers who have been roofing next door may be key witnesses in the investigation.

Anthony Gardner, a contractor says, "On Wednesday we heard a lot of arguing. I didn't think much of it; I wish I would have now."

He says other crew members smelled something burning last Thursday. They said it smelled different, like flesh. They have been interviewed by investigators several times.

Bennett has asked for a court appointed lawyer. He will be back in court for a bond hearing next week.