Charlevoix Schools to close building to balance budget

chools are trying to cut costs and will close a school building.


he district is looking to cut a million dollars for the next school year.

At Monday's school board meeting, C

Superintendent Robert Gendron proposed two options. A two and three building system.

The board voted 4-3 to close the middle school and consolidate. The elementary school will now house K-6 grades and the high school will have grades 7-12.


he district is in this position because over the last
eight years, the student population has dropped by 400 students and state funding has decreased.

Right now, t

here are 18 empty classrooms around the district


Gendron believes consolidation of resources will save money and also maintain the programs in the district.


With the two building system we looked at reductions across the board through every department
and virtually no eliminations of any one program, so we are still providing the programs and opportunities for students maybe at a reduced rate but not at the point of elimination," Gendron explained.

The two building plan saves the district
$200,000 more per year in operating costs and the plan also calls for renting the building out in the future for additional revenue.