Charter makes the switch over to completely digital

"Charter Communications" customers without a digital connection will see some big changes by the end of the month - Charter is switching over to an all digital signal.

That means televisions without digital boxes will no longer receive all of the channels.

Charter representatives say the switch will mean customers can get more HD channels and a faster internet connection. Analog channels are the lowest quality and take up the most room on the network (1 analog channel is the same as 4 HD channels and 12-14 standard definition channels). After the switch, customers will get immediate access to about 175 HD channels - up from about 100 that they get now.

"More than ninety percent of our customer base already subscribes to some form of digital service - they have at least one box in their home," stated Bill Morand, the Charter Regional Communications Director. "So we're talking about less than ten percent of our customer base where we're actually providing a digital and analog product simultaneously. So this is really a logical next step to switch to 100 percent digital, reclaim that bandwith for more advanced services down the road."

The digital boxes are $6.99 a piece per month and Charter says you will need one for every television in your house.

Cadillac, Mancelona, and Kalkaska areas have already switched over. Petoskey will be at midnight on the 11th, Ludington on the 18th, followed by the Traverse City area on the 25th.

Customers can order a digital box from Charter or pick one up at any Charter location. In the Traverse City area, the regular Charter location will be open (off of Hammond Road) and a temporary location will also be opened. The temp location will be at 803 S. Garfield Road and is now open.