Chase away heart disease

The second annual HeartChase is coming up in a just a few months but now people are getting teams together. The event through the American Heart Association aims to raise awareness about heart attack and stroke. The event is chaired by 7&4's Melissa Smith and is scheduled for Saturday, August 11th at the Traverse City Open Space. Teams will meet at 9 a.m. and finish the event at noon.

Ten checkpoints will be set up within a one mile radius of the downtown area, in which people will race to complete. Each checkpoint represents a heart healthy lifestyle and promotes a life of physical activity.

Thursday on 7&4 News Today, the recruitment chair, Vanessa Taylor sat down with 7&4's Melissa Smith to talk about creating a team and getting involved. Taylor says the buzz about HeartChase is quickly spreading throughout the Traverse City area.

For more more details, check out the video clip above from 7&4 News Today.

If you have further questions, you can email Melissa Smith at: or you can check out the HeartChase website, by clicking here.