Cheboygan brings back dreaded Saturday School

A Northern Michigan school district has a new plan for students who have too many absences or mess around in school â?? and thatâ??s bringing back an old program that had its funding dry up 10 years ago.

Cheboygan is rolling out the red carpet Saturday mornings as added discipline, and school officials think it just might be enough to deter bad behavior.

"I wouldn't want to come in here, I would want to sleep, you know, it's Saturday, sleep in!" laughs Mala Chicrongeyer, who says the thought of coming in on Saturday makes him sick.

Cheboygan High School and Middle School students who goof-off during the week can forget Saturday morning cartoons, they'll have a seat waiting for them in the last place any teen wants to spend their weekend.

"Theyâ??re not excited about it, and that's a goal of it too," says Ed Jeannotte, Cheboygan High Schoolâ??s Assistant Principal.

Saturday school is back. Nine-to-noon, some students will get the ticket to make-up the time they lost in class.

"Some of them aren't going to care, but most of them I think it will, and it'd definitely be beneficial and then maybe they'd change their lives," says Cheboygan High School Freshman Nate Stempky.

Cheboygan received a $3,000 grant from the Cheboygan County Probate Judge to make this possible. Students will have two options: be suspended, or come in on their day off.

"The option of remaining in school where they're going to get their instruction and assignments and everything is what we want," says Cheboygan Schools Superintendent Mark Dombroski.

â??The catch is you can't just show up, that's not good enough, you actually have to do something on that Saturday morning to actually have it count as a day," says Jeannotte.

I've been assured it won't be like â??The Breakfast Club.â?? Students will bring in school work or be assigned something to work on.

â??Hopefully the number one thing that comes out of this is parent involvement to change students' behavior," says Dombroski.

â??Say Iâ??m going to be grounded if I don't clean my room, Iâ??m probably going to clean my room because I don't want to be grounded, so it'll probably help with discipline for people," says Chicrongeyer.

Saturday school makes it resurgence after a 10 year hiatus this Saturday. There are already a handful of students lined up to take part, and administrators hope this first Saturday school is enough to deter others away, because they want it to be known, it's not fun to be in school on a weekend.

Dombroski says in the past, Saturday school was very effective and helped steer students in the right direction.