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      Cheboygan Schools eyeing cuts, may close school

      Cheboygan Area Schools are trying to cut costs and that could mean closing West Elementary School.

      T he Cheboygan district is looking to cut more than $650,000 for the next school year, largely in part due to declining enrollment.

      "W e've been declining steadily over the last many years in for next year were looking at a 45 student plus decline ," Mark Dombroski, Cheboygan Area Schools Superintendent said.

      D ombroski says consolidating the schools will save money moving forward.

      H is plan calls for a shakeup district-wide. Kindergarten through second grade would be moved to East Elementary, third through seventh to the middle school, and eighth through twelfth to the high school.

      S ome parents aren't fond of the idea.

      "I think it shouldn't be done , there's going to be too many kids in the classrooms and right now the teachers have so much going on it's just not going to end good ," Cassie Liebenow, concerned parent said.

      S he's concerned about her younger kids in the district being placed in the same building as older students.

      "Y ou never know what the older kids are going to do or say and I don't want them wearing off on my younger ones," Liebenow said.

      B ut Dombroski says there are opportunities to make sure that maturity gap doesn't become a problem.

      "W e would be able to accommodate them and keep them separate while being housed in the same building ," Dombroski said.

      T he consolidation would also mean six staff cuts , but class sizes and programs will see few changes.

      P arents will have an opportunity to tell district leaders what they think about the changes at a meeting on March 17th.