Cherry growers prepare to fight the freeze

As we go bed Monday night, area fruit growers are working hard to protect their orchards, trying to keep the early tree buds from freezing.

Temperatures hit around 20 degrees Sunday night but cherry farmers say the light breeze helped to protect their crops. But Monday night, it's a different story -- the lack of wind puts the crops in severe danger.

"We're about 5 weeks ahead of schedule in terms of where the buds are, so it will take a miracle in order to get through this year and get a crop," says owner of Cherry Bay Orchards in Suttons Bay.

At Cherry Bay Orchards farmers have set up more than 20 fans that will be used to fight the frost and protect the future of the summer harvest. Using fans to warm the trees may sound counterintuitive to some, but it is a method that has proven successful for generations. The fans push the cold air away from the crops, to try to keep the area warmer.

To check out the entire story and find out how this will affect fruit growers in the area, click on the video above.