Cherryland Cares gives grants to local non-profits

Good news came today for a few local non-profit organizations as "Cherryland Cares" approved almost eight thousand dollars in grant donations.

The money comes from Cherryland Electric customers who rounded up their bill to the nearest dollar.

Among today's recipients are the Traverse City Trinity Food Program, Benzie Habitat for Humanity, the STEP program for homeless teens, and the Father Fred Foundation.

Father Fred and the STEP program received $3,000, the TC Trinity Food Program received $1,000, and Benzie Habitat for Humanity recieved $850.

Representatives from the Father Fred Foundation, who received three thousand dollars, say this money will go a long way to fill their food pantry.

"We'll take this $3,000 and we'll be able to leverage that, purchase the food that we directly need - maybe its personal care products, maybe its canned protein," said Rosemary Hagan, the director of Father Fred. "We have a very healthy pantry and so that $3,000 - we can really make it work for us."

The Cherryland Cares program is all volunteer - and open to any member of the Cherryland Electric Cooperative.