Child drowned, man presumed drowned on Houghton Lake

The body of 39-year old Greg Rochon, of Houghton Lake, has been recovered by the Roscommon County Sheriff's dive team. Crews located the body around 10:35a.m. Wednesday after searching throughout the night.

The tragedy happened on Monday evening about a mile out on Houghton Lake.

The Denton Township Police Department says two adults were attempting to fix their pontoon boat engine when a 3-year-old girl needed to use the bathroom. An 11-year old girl held her over the water to urinate when a wave rocked the boat and the toddler fell in. The 11-year-old girl and two men, including Rochon jumped in to help.

Winds between 10-25 mph dragged the pontoon boat away. Nearby boaters tried to help but were unable to save the toddler and Rochon.

Roscommon County Sheriff Randall Stevenson says the child was pulled from the water Monday and pronounced dead. The 11-year-old girl was rescued by nearby boaters.

No one on the boat was wearing a life jacket.

The MDNR wants to remind the community that children under six years old are required by law to wear a life jacket when out on a boat.