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      Churches team up to host the homeless

      Area churches are banding together to help the homeless stay warm this winter, but volunteers are needed to make sure its a success.

      Safe Harbor is a program that helps those who are homeless by giving them a place to stay, warm clothes and meals. Everything is provided by local churches who host those in need for two weeks at a time. This year, 23 churches have teamed up for the program. To learn more about volunteering your time click on gtsafeharbor.org .

      The Shelter opens each night at 6pm and guests can not be on Church property before 5:45pm. The Shelter will lock its doors at 8pm each night until 6:00am the next morning. In some cases transportation is provided by church vans.

      Details on Safe Harbor can be found by clicking here . To see a detailed schedule of churches providing shelter click here .