City unhappy with bank's plan for Petoskey Pointe


he dispute continues over what will be done with the giant hole in downtown


Monday's Petoskey City Council meeting, council members discussed the future of the property known as Petoskey Pointe.

Last month t

city received a letter from Northwestern Bank, which owns the property, outlining a plan to temporarily fix current structural issues on the huge hole.

The bank proposes that the vacant lot is partially filled with sand to help support the retaining walls. The plan also calls for additional work to be done at the top of the walls to stop erosion.


ity leaders are not satisfied with the plan



hey say it still doesn't meet many of the city ordinances and safety stan

dards. They want the bank to fix the rotting wood holding up the retaining walls and also address the fences surrounding the property.

The bank and the city will meet to discuss the improvements needed for the site in the coming weeks.

Petoskey Pointe, which was once a planned hotel and condominium complex, has sat vacant for six years. There is no timeline set for when it will be filled, sold, or developed.