Classic Mustang convertible turns 50 but looks brand new

Betty Mucha sits in the driver's seat of her husbands 1964 Ford Mustang.

Ed Mucha's 1964 Ford Mustang convertible earns him a lot of attention wherever he drives it. He's been offered a lot of money from people wanted to buy it from him, but he's not selling. Mucha has had the blue convertible for something like 40 years, and using the VIN number, he's been told his car was one of the very first ones to roll off the assembly line.

It's become a special piece of family history and most of the Mucha's grandchildren hope to be the next to drive it.

Once while getting the oil changed, the mechanic was convinced the odometer was broken because only about 100 miles had been added since the previous year. It wasn't broken, Mucha has just been more select about driving it.

Recently his car was on display in Traverse City but the rest of the time he keeps it safely put away.

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