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      Classroom salute stops in South Boardman

      We stopped by Mrs. Stambaugh's Kindergarten class at South Boardman Elementary, part of the Forest Area School District for our classroom salute. A viewer wrote saying that I have been wanting to nominate a teacher. I love how 7&4 recognizes the hard work and dedication that teachers instill in our youth today! The teacher I would like to nominate is Patricia Stambaugh, she is a kindergarten teacher at Forest Area. She works so hard to give to these kids. She will spend hours upon hours after work, at home and on the weekend to make sure she can do the best of her ability to educate the youth of today.

      She has changed the lives of many kids because of the effort and compassion she shows. Mrs. Stambaugh strives to be the best that she can. She is finishing her masters degree right now and has done exceptionally well in the masters program. I believe a little recognition goes a long ways. We want to commend her for the job she does. Please consider her as a nominee, she really does deserve it! Thank you so much, Congrats Mrs. Stambaugh, you've earned it!