Cloning brings Ancient Greece to Northern Michigan

The Hippocrates Sycamore at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in Copemish.

The non-profit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in Copemish is in the spotlight after they found out a famous tree they've been growing at the nursery is the only living tree of its kind in the world.

The Hippocrates Sycamore at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a 100% genetic clone of the 5,000-year-old tree.

"A lot of the books say that after a tree is 90 years old you cannot root it and we've proved that wrong over and over and over again," said Corey Bigelow an Archangel employee.

Legend has it this tree is the one Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates planted and taught the science of medicine to his students under.

David Milarch the co-founder of Archangel knew he had a special tree on his hands but he wasn't aware of just how unique it was until he spoke with the National Institute of Health recently.

"So all these years and all this time it was only yesterday we found out that here it is, Archangel has the only 100% clones or these trees that Hippocrates planted," said Milarch. "I was stunned!"

Milarch said they are giving two of the trees to the National Institute of Health after the one they had died.

There are about 40 of these trees at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and Milarch is hoping people will gift them and they'll be planted at medical facilities.

"I think it'd be a wonderful gift to the medical institutions around the world," said Milarch. "So that doctors and medical staff could come out and touch and sit under the tree that Hippocrates planted 3,000 years before Jesus walked the earth."

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