Coast Guard warning about Cold Water Challenge

It's one of the latest things to hit social media, the 2014 Cold Water Challenge, but the Coast Guard says it could cause serious harm to those who take part. People have been jumping into icy bodies of water after being nominated or challenged by their friends on social media. If you don't accept the challenge, the rules say that you must donate $100 to a charity of your choice.

During 7&4 News Today, we sat down with Commander Sean Cross with the U.S. Coast Guard from Air Station Traverse City. Commander Cross says unlike polar plunges or organized icy water jumps, the Cold Water Challenge doesn't have any supervision. Therefore, it's not only dangerous but there aren't any medical or emergency personnel on the site. He says people need to realize the dangerous threats this new trend is causing.

For more information, check out the video link above from 7&4 News Today.