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      College leaders work to keep students safe by improving security

      The staff at Northwestern Michigan College are working hard to continue keeping their students safe after a recent stabbing took place on an on-campus apartment.

      College leaders say that whenever an incident happens, they try to dig deeper into how they could have responded better, and what could have been done to prevent the situation.

      "When students come here we want them to be worried about school stuff, studying for tests," said Andy Dolan, Executive Director of NMC Public Relations and Marketing. "We don't want them to worry about their safety."

      One of the improvements they've made over the years includes the addition of an emergency phone system. 52 phones have been installed 'throughout the main campus, and off-campus locations and can be spotted with their blue lights. With the touch of a button, students are connected to campus security who can come and assist them when they feel they are in danger.

      The college also uses an emergency alert system through text message, email, and by classroom phones that alert students and staff to emergencies.

      Most recently, the campus has added locks to the inside of every classroom door so that teachers can lock their doors without leaving the room.

      Many students on campus say they do feel safe, and that they can see their 24/7 campus security patrolling the halls, and the roads.

      "Yah I'd say I feel pretty safe," said NMC student Paul Sikarskie. "They have security walking around and driving and stuff like that too so other than that I feel really safe on campus."

      But some staff members say one thing they are still lacking are security cameras.

      105 security cameras can be found throughout campus but are only in and outside of dorms, and buildings that handle money. There are no security cameras on, or in any of the on-campus apartment buildings.

      "They focused them on the dorms because there is always students there and on this building (West Hall) and then where financial aid is and any kind of thing where there's actual cash they have cameras just so if anything goes missing there's constant surveillance," said Dolan.

      Officials say they are looking into getting security cameras installed at the on-campus apartments. They also say they want to be careful to give the residents their privacy.

      For more information on NMC's campus safety, click here.