College teams up with local companies to create 62 new jobs

Northwestern Michigan College is teaming up with five local companies to provide training opportunities for people, which will eventually lead to 62 new jobs in the region by 2016.

Under the terms of Michigan's New Jobs Training Program, NMC will provide training and professional development to the new employees at the following companies:

Armor Express, Central Lake: 6 New Jobs

Century Extrusion, Traverse City: 5 New Jobs

Moran Iron Works, Inc. Onaway: 8 New Jobs

Precision Edge Surgical Products LLC, Boyne City: 18 New Jobs

Shoreline Fruit LLC, Traverse City: 25 New Jobs

NMC will provide training and professional development to the new employees at these companies. The benefit is that the companies get reliable workers and they also get reimbursed for some of the training costs. Rich Wolin from NMC Training and Research says, " In 2008, the Michigan Legislature passed the NJTP (New Jobs Training Program) and what that allows employers to do is when they hire new employees, they can us those payroll taxes on the new employees for training dollars."

The point of the NJTP is to provide funding for organizations to pay for staff development in new positions.

NMC currently has two other NJTP agreements. They have one with Electro-Optics Technology of Traverse City, which has made 19 new hires, completing 94% of its training. The other agreement is with Century Inc. of Traverse City, which has made 29 hires and completed 22% of its training.

For more information on NMC's training Services, CLICK HERE.