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      College unites American heroes at Veterans Day celebration

      Across the country, people celebrated Veterans Day by honoring the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom.

      Traverse City's Northwestern Michigan College held their 2nd Annual Veterans Day Event where nearly 100 American heroes from multiple military branches came together as one.

      "Our country enjoys a lot of freedoms and liberties at the expense of the sacrifices that our military members are willing to make for our country," said Scott Herzberg of the NMC Military Veteran Services. "So NMC wanted to say 'thank you' and honor those men and women on this special day, Veterans Day."

      The military men and women were honored with a breakfast, some cake, and dozens of posters that were hanging up at the event, created by Traverse City Area Public Schools children.

      Following the breakfast, the veterans walked side-by-side through campus as they were led by the Traverse City Central High School Marching Band. Members of the NMC community stood in the wind and snow clapping for the veterans as they walked by.

      "It's supporting, I know that everyone's here for us," said STG2 Evan Teixeria of the United State Navy.

      "It is nice to know that people do still care, and people will come together," said CPL Michael Reese of the United States Marine Corps.